Ethics, honesty, and transparency in government cannot just be talking points in a campaign, action is required.  Bill Sowerby has always believed that elected officials must use their positions not to enrich themselves, but to benefit the people they represent.  Bill has worked hard to require state-level elected officials must file public financial disclosure forms and he is leading by example. That is why Bill Sowerby has voluntarily released his personal financial disclosure form (view at link below).

Pre-Pandemic Photo
Pre-Pandemic Photo
  • Bill Sowerby sponsored legislation that requires personal financial disclosure from the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State (HB 4646)
  • Bill cosponsored legislation that requires all state-level candidates and elected officials to file personal financial disclosure statement (HBs 4642-4649)
  • Bill Sowerby voted to subject the legislature and executive branch to the Freedom of Information Act to ensure full transparency (HBs 4007-4016)

Click here to view the official copy of Representative Bill Sowerby’s Personal Financial Disclosure.