Ensuring we have clean air, land, and water is one of my top priorities. Michigan has many environmental problems across the state. From the tragic lead poisoning of the water in Flint, to the PFAS chemical contamination all across our state’s waterways,  and then the  recent “green ooze” problem nearby. As the Minority Vice-Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, Bill Sowerby remains committed to protecting our environment.

Pre-Pandemic Photo
Pre-Pandemic Photo
  • Bill Sowerby introduced legislation that increases fines on those that pollute our waterways (HB 4096)
  • Bill supports increasing water testing for lead at schools, veterans’ facilities, and other critical infrastructure locations
  • Bill cosponsored legislation to increase recycling (HB 5306)
  • Bill Sowerby introduced legislation to raise environmental cleanup standards for polluted sites (HB 5456)

Bill Sowerby is endorsed by the Michigan Sierra Club.