Making sure people have the ability to succeed starts with quality early childhood education, successful K-12 instruction, and making career technical certification or a college degree within reach of everyone. Unfortunately, not every school has the same amount of resources. Every child deserves a fully funded education with qualified teachers, and Bill Sowerby will continue to fight for that equality.

Pre-Pandemic Photo
Pre-Pandemic Photo
  • Bill Sowerby voted to increase education funding and votes against bills that cut education funding.
  • Bill voted to support the MI Reconnect program which provides skill training to Michigan workers.
  • Bill Sowerby sponsored legislation to increase early childhood education and give students a great foundation to their education (HB 4071).
  • Bill introduced legislation to improve literacy through the Every Child Ready to Read Program (HB 4671).
  • Bill Sowerby opposes legislation that attacks the teaching profession.