Bill Sowerby grew up in St. Clair Shores as one of five children. He attended St. Gertrude Elementary, then Lake Shore High School before graduating from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bill began his public service career in 1989 as a Macomb County Commissioner representing Clinton Township. The citizens of Clinton Township then elected him as their Township Treasurer in November of 1996 and re-elected him to that post four more times. Bill then was elected as State Representative for the 31stDistrict in 2016 and he currently serves in that position.

Photo by: Brian Sevald

As State Representative Bill serves as the Minority Vice-Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee and he also serves on the Education Committee and the Judiciary Committee. Bill has a 100% attendance and voting record in committee and the House legislative session. In his first term Bill has introduced legislation protecting access to health care, improving our education system, protecting our environment and natural resources, and ensuring veterans and their families get the benefits they earned, among other legislative priorities.


Bill’s commitment to the community goes beyond his political duties. In 2000 he helped to establish the Annual Clinton Township Community Blood Drive, which remains one the largest community-wide efforts in southeast Michigan. He previously served as the chair of the two-day, multiple location event. Bill also acts as a local coordinator for Green Michigan, a non-profit organization that seeks to keep the environment a priority.

Bill believes that it is an honor to be representing Clinton Township, Fraser, and Mount Clemens in the Michigan House of Representatives. He knows the concerns of the people who live here and what the people and businesses who call the 31stdistrict home, want to see from their state government. Residents with questions, concerns, or ideas are always welcome to contact Bill and express their thoughts. If re-elected Bill will continue to strongly represent his constituents and ensure that Lansing does not forget about Macomb County.

Bill has been married to Dr. Martha Higgins for 22 years and has one son, Brad, and daughter-in-law, Briana.

Photo by: Brian Sevald

Bill believes in public service, but lately, there is a lot of cynicism about those who run for office.  Elected officials are viewed in the same light as car salesmen, and Bill has been both!  But, no matter the job Bill has taken on, he has always worked hard to serve his constituents with integrity, listening to your concerns and trying to figure out how to solve problems.  Bill was proud to be elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2016, and he is seeking re-election this year because there is still so much left to do – Michigan needs an economy that lifts everyone, not just a wealthy few.  We need to fix the roads and provide resources for public education that makes teachers and students successful.  Bill wants to protect our water resources, and so much more.  Bill has a 100% attendance and voting record for both House sessions and committee meetings, but just showing up is not enough!  Bill has raised his voice to make sure those in Lansing understand the concerns of folks living in Clinton Township, Fraser, and Mount Clemens.  Bill has always believed that elected officials should use their positions not to enrich themselves, but to benefit the people they represent.  Please feel free to call Bill at 586-286-9762 or email him at if you have any questions, concerns or issues.